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Restake UI app is available here (opens in a new tab).

Restake UI is a fork from here (opens in a new tab). It's an app enabling you to stake, vote, activate restake, and manage and create new grants. The app includes all Cosmos-based chains, displaying those with a restake option.

Tutorial: Basic Actions

This section guides you on delegating, activating restake, and revoking grants. Creating new grants is an advanced feature, recommended for experienced users.


  1. Select the blockchain to delegate your assets.
  2. Connect your wallet (Keplr, Leap, Cosmostation).
  3. Choose the validator to stake with.
  4. Press "View," switch to "Stake, tab" and select "Delegate."
  5. Insert the staking amount and confirm the transaction.

Example that we used here is for Dyson Protocol but it should be the same for every other chain.

Press view

Stake restake


To use the restake feature:

  • Stake with a validator offering restake services.
  • In the Stake section, press "Enable Restake."
  • Enter the max amount to stake (leave empty for maximum profit).
  • Set the autocompounding duration (default is 1 year).
  • Confirm the transaction to create the grant.

Restake available

Revoke Grants

To remove a grant:

  1. Select the chain where the grant was made.
  2. In the top section, find "Grant" and select it.
  3. Revoke grants made by you or given to your account.
  4. Press "Revoke" and sign the transaction in your wallet.

Revoke grant