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Blockchain Explorer

Explore the blockchain with our user-friendly tool available at this link (opens in a new tab).

Understanding the Blockchain Explorer

A blockchain explorer is a powerful tool that allows you to delve into blockchain data, review past transactions, examine on-chain data, observe validators securing the network, and more. Our blockchain explorer is a customized version derived from the open-source ping.pub explorer project, which you can find here (opens in a new tab). What sets our explorer apart is its unique features, such as the ability to stake and send assets directly from the explorer, participate in governance proposals, create CosmWasm smart contracts (on supported chains), and more!

With this explorer, you can:

  • Connect your wallet
  • Stake assets
  • Withdraw rewards
  • Unbound tokens
  • Send assets
  • Swap assets (currently in a very experimental phase)
  • Create CosmWasm smart contracts
  • Search for previous transactions
  • Monitor validator uptime
  • Explore blockchain parameters

Tutorial: The Basic

In this section you will learn how to do basic actions inside our explorer.

Connect your wallet

In order to do anything you will need to connect your wallet. To connect your wallet press litle wallet icon in the top right corner.

Connect wallet

Select your wallet

From here you can chose between multiple wallets: Keplr, Leap, Metamask and Ledger. If it does not connect you will need to manually add chain to your wallet.

Blockchain not found

Add blockchain

If there is an error it will probably look like this. Press on suggest a chain for Keplr and it will prompt you to another page where you will need to select which chain to add to Keplr. When you are ready press the button add chain to Keplr.

Send assets to another address on the same network

After you have sucessufully connected your wallet select the blockchain you want to send tokens from. Go to the dashboard and your wallet will should be connected. In this section you will see More in the right corner. Select it and it will transfer you to your account page. Press option send and a window will pop up.

Press more

Pop up send assets

From there select asset you want to send to another wallet on the same network. Enter the address and click send. After that a popup from your wallet will show. Confirm the transaction and it will execute in a couple of secounds.

Send assets to another network via IBC

From the same page select transfer button. A pop up window will show.

Pop up send assets via IBC

From there select asset you want to send. Select to which chain you want to send the token to. Fill out the amount and the address. After that confirm the transaction and sign it with your wallet.

Stake assets

First select the blockchain you want to partake in staking then go to staking tab. After that you will find a list of all active validators. Do your own reaserch to which validator will you stake.

Select validator

When you made up your mind select delegate, fill out the amount you want to stake and then press send. A pop up window from your wallet will show and you will need to sign the transaction.


If you can't decide to whom you want to delegate you can delegate to multiple validators. You will just need to repeat staking process for each validator.

Withdraw rewards

From the dashboard scroll a bit down and you should see your address with amount of tokens available, staked assets, unbounding tokens, your validator/s you are staking with etc. Right from your validator you will see options delegate and withdraw rewards. Click on withdraw.

Withdraw rewards

A pop up will show up confirm it and afterward you will need to sign the transaction with your wallet.

Confirm the claim

Unbound tokens

If you want to unbound tokens you can do it like this. Head to the dashboard of the chain you want to unbound tokens from. Scroll down and you will see your address with amount of tokens select more and then you will be directed to another page where you will be shown your assets. Scroll down a bit to a section called Delegations. Select your validator and unbound tokens by clicking unbound. A pop up will show where you will need to type in the amount you want to unbound. Confirm it and sign the transaction.



Monitor validator uptime

While this might not be very effective way of monitorng validator it could give you basic information about how many block are missed in one block window for all of the current active validators. Select the blockchain you want to inspect. Then swich to uptime tab. From there you can see how much are validators missing blocks.

Uptime screen

You can select customize option and add validator you want to monitor. Just select the network and validator you want to monitor.

Uptime validator